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Our References / Client Comments


Anıl Oğuz


Human Resources Manager


Dear TEM Family;


I think that, TEM, which has a very important place in my Human Resources career, is a very reliable and professional 360 degree partner in all HR functions.


As someone who has experienced almost all of their trainings, they fully understood my needs every time and managed to touch my company, my participants and me with maximum efficiency.

On the consultancy side, everything we do, from our Employee Engagement studies to our Assesment Center; from our Mystery Shopper studies to our Reverse Mentoring Project that we designed together years ago - even though it was not yet widespread those times - have been our practices that left a mark at Zorlu Tekstil today.


I think behind this success; First of all, there are the managing partners and the team, whom I trust very much, who do their job very seriously and professionally and who are so humble. Today, I think that among HR partners, they are by far successful in handling all issues numerically and analytically. I also think that they catch new trends very quickly in the changing world...


I hope to make many beautiful projects with the expert team of TEM, which I have always enjoyed working with… Our country and our companies need experienced partners like you…


Best Regards...


Nazlı Kayın

Daiichi Sankyo

Sales Director

As Daiichi Sankyo Turkey, we are very happy to continue differing collaborations with TEM.
By knowing our industry and our team very well, they provide added value to our company with different solutions.
Especially coaching programs, our HR evaluation processes, our culture, and values project and digital promotion programs are among our priority projects.
TEM family makes us feel that they are not only a consultancy and training firm but also a part of our company clearly in every Project.
We continue the road together, seeing TEM as a trusted companion in both our corporate and individual developments.
TEM creates value for us with quality, trust, and dedication to work.
We will continue to consolidate our achievements together with TEM that is always by our side as a reliable business partner in sustainable and long-term projects.


Esra Ümit Uzmaner

Ray Sigorta
Human Resources Director

The satisfaction created by Mr. Tayfun and his team, in our training and project processes with TEM Management Development Services, is priceless. The motivation of our employees is increased by the fact that the information given during the training is not only on the subject, but also kneaded with a wide range. In addition, it contributes to their development areas in their business and private lives. Thanks to the opportunity to organize training events face-to-face and online, all our teams working in our headquarters and regional offices get closer to each other. We believe that we will continue our cooperation with TEM Management Development Services, where we refresh our knowledge and energy by also listening to the demands of our employees.


Bülent Bayram


Human Resources Director


We had the opportunity to work on the development projects of and Sales Channels employees with Dr. Erkan Tozluyurt and his team, TEM Management Development experts. With the support we received from them, we have achieved successful results both in the solutions they developed and in the projects designed in Global and adapted to Turkey. By implementing projects such as developing corporate culture, designing and giving training & workshops, monitoring, field coaching, development center, internal trainer development program, participant satisfaction, pre-test-post-test development, increase in sales and NPS scores, improvement of mystery shopper results, and improvement of field team's employee satisfaction. These were some of the important tangible outputs we achieved in the period regarding the decrease in turnover rate.


Beyond the projects carried out and the successful results we have achieved, the fact that Erkan Tozluyurt and his team are not only consultants for us, but also as a development partner has added strength to our strength. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for their support.


Murat Rebi Erkap

Novo Nordisk

Organisational Development & Training Manager


Although we have been working with TEM Management & Consultancy for about 1.5 years, we have had a very productive cooperation and development journey with all of TEM's valuable trainers and consultants, especially Mr. Tayfun and Mr. Erkan. On this journey, I learned a lot not only from our employees, but also from TEM's knowledge and experience. TEM's contribution was invaluable in my orientation in this responsibility I took over last year.

I am sure that TEM light will illuminate thousands of individuals who are willing to develop and make great contributions to them.


Banu Hamarat


İnsan Kaynakları Müdürü


We worked with TEM on a long Change & Transformation process project. With their support, going through an intense training program with broad participation and, in parallel, revising our organizational structure from top to bottom, turned into a very productive and active process for us. We still continue to see the effects of that process.

Our cooperation with TEM, a valuable address who we apply with peace of mind, continues with pleasure in the training and consultancy requirements we have revealed as a result of our needs analysis.


İ. Hakan Yılmaz

Barut Hospitality Management A.Ş. (Barut Hotels)

Grup Human Resources Director


With TEM Management, especially with Mr. Erkan Tozluyurt, I am glad that we had the opportunity to benefit from the training services that have been provided at different times since 2010. They provide their services with high quality. Also, they deal with each participant individually and shape their services following their purpose and goals with a flexible and agile approach. I believe that It is rare to find all of these together. I hope our cooperation will continue in the future.


Tuğba Tunalı

Vatan Bilgisayar

Human Resources Manager


“Mystery shopping” projects are the only way to measure performance rationally. No matter how much you give training and measure the outcome of the training with rational methods, you cannot monitor and correct the behaviors of the employees when they are face-to-face with the customer. You can monitor them by watching them invisibly though. Since being invisible is not invented yet, we make a visible but mysterious customer get in contact with the employees.
Afterward, we observe how they behave under regular conditions and evaluate them. We use the outcome of “mystery shopping” projects on taking decisions about performance management, career planning, increasing wage, premium system, and which trainings does the employee need. “Mystery shopping” results are our actual performance in real life. It documents the real success of Vatan against the customer.
The primary factor of working with TEM is their professional working style. We have been working with TEM for many years. We are always collaborating in training and consulting. They work as a department of our company. All our employees can contact TEM consultants sincerely. Thus, our collaborations become very efficient. Since they internalized our culture very well, we do not have to mention our rules again and again. Such that, they can analyze exactly which behavior is appropriate and which is not according to Vatan’s corporate culture.
Thus, they can make the right scoring in mystery shopping projects. This way, we can increase our service quality in the highly competitive environment of the industry. If we had collaborated with another consultancy company, we could not have received results as successful as we have now.


Esat Kocadağ

Emirgan Sütiş

General Manager


First of all, as Emirgan Sütiş, we have a principle called “This is your home” and we aim to make our customers feel like guests here. This principle brings a lot of responsibilities; the most important one is that our guests receive perfect service. For this purpose, we have to be in contact with our guests and monitor our service, kitchen, and management staff.
Although we, being the company, routinely monitor the staff, we believe our guests’ evaluations lead us to a more professional and objective decision-making mechanism. For this reason, we initiated mystery-shopping projects and we received significant results shortly. For SME’s, the system is easily interpreted and appropriate to get instant results.
The factors that led us to work with TEM are their corporate structure and qualified service. Especially the reports and evaluation notes that are prepared in detail are evidence of TEM’s professional working style.


Çağatay Güven

Anadolu Net

Genel Müdürü


I met TEM Management many years ago, when I was working at Vodafone's Sales Organization, by participating in the "Management, Negotiation Management, Communication" trainings. Their expert and experienced staff, as well as point-and-shoot trainings adapted to the sector were very beneficial. In fact, the trainings I received at that time were inspiring and guiding for my personal development. What distinguishes TEM Management is its successful staff structuring that can serve its participants from the beginner level to the advanced level, strong theoretical knowledge and practical applications, providing a friendly and interactive workshop environment, as well as successfully adapting the knowledge to the relevant sector and the culture and vision of the company. In the steps of my career, our work with TEM Management and my valuable teacher Erkan continued. I would definitely recommend the executive coaching and situational leadership trainings I received from him to today's managers.


See you.

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