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Our Team / Nurgül Doğan


Tolga Öztoprak

Training Specialist

Having graduated from Maritime Faculty of Istanbul Technical University in 1997, he also had a degree on Business Administration from Anadolu University in 2015. In addition to these, he participated in Negotiation and Persuasion Skills,  Negotiation Techniques, Situational Leadership, Level 5 Leadership, Coaching, Team Coaching, Presentation Techniques, Personal Branding and Project Management training programs.

He started his career as a Deck Officer at Yardımcı Denizcilik. He worked as a Marine Deck Officer on trans-oceanic commercial vessels for approximately 6 years.

As of 2006, as a Medical Representative working in Bayer İlaç Turkey, he took his first step into pharmaceutical industry. After 13 years, of which as a Regional Manager candidate for the last four, he left Bayer İlaç Turkey in 2019 and started to work as Istanbul Regional Manager in Daiichi Sankyo İlaç Turkey. Before working for TEM Management Development Services, he also worked as Istanbul Regional Manager in Abdi İbrahim İlaç.

Since November 2021, he has been working as a Training Specialist and Management Consultant at TEM Management Development Services.

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