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Our Team / Feyza Köseoğlu


Feyza Köseoğlu

Training Specialist

She graduated from Selcuk University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1994. She worked mainly in Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, and Azerbaijan in the Defense Industry, Energy, Mining, Informatics, and Electronics Sectors. She participated in Production -Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Supply Chain Management, and Organizational Development projects and led the teams. She still works as Leader Coaching and Team Coaching, she involves in Mentoring projects in the Investor Ecosystem, and she provides individual and corporate training.


She completed these programs; Erickson Coaching International, NLP Master Practitioner, Transactional Analysis (TA), Optimum Balance Model Module I & II, Art and Science of Coaching International Certificate Program (Erickson Coaching International), Team Coaching Certificate Program, Mastery in Executive and Leader Coaching, Fundamentals of Individual Change (Sinan Canan – Dost Can Deniz), Agile Leadership (Adler, Vedat Erol). She has the title of ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

She provided these pieces of training; Erickson Team Coaching Certificate Program, Erickson Art and Science of Coaching Certificate Program Module 1-2, Leadership from a Coaching Perspective, Situational Leadership, Leadership Development Programs – Leadership Management Institute, Managerial Competence Development, Emotional Intelligence Development, Time Management, Strong – Effective Question Asking, Giving Effective Feedback – Receiving, Corporate Happiness & The Place of Positive Psychology in Our Lives.


Team Coaching and Leadership Coaching sessions are held with middle and senior managers in institutions. In the development journey of a person, team, or organization, 'have one's finger in the pie' defines the meaning she/he gives to coaching in its simplest form, keeping her/his passion for this subject alive.

She served on the ICF Ethics Committee. She participated in voluntary projects for Association for Supporting Contemporary Life and the Turkish University Women's Association. She volunteers as a coach for the youth (high school and university students) she reaches through social media channels. 

Painting, traveling, cooking and eating, and reading poetry are involved in her favorite activities. She writes articles on her blog that she has been taking a break for a while.

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