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Our Team / Başak Danışman


Virgo Consultant

Senior Training Specialist

Basak Danısman has taken her Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Public Administration at Gazi University. Afterward, she started her master's degree in Turkey - European Union Relations. She made a speech about Turkey’s illegal migration policies at the European Union Program Conference that organized for illegal migration in Malta.

She had started her business life as a Sales Representative at Best Western Hotels. Then, she started to work as a Service Advisor at Turkcell Communication Services.

She completed the Human Resources Certification program at İzgören-Akın Institute and Team and Individual Development programs at Bournemouth Business School International in England. She completed her “Gestalt Therapy Program” and continued the “Gestalt Experimental Learning Programme”.

Since 2008, she has been working as a Training Specialist within TEM Management Development Services.

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